A Little Bit of Neverland

I’ve always loved Peter Pan. When I was a kid, I even did an acro dance number to the song, “You Can Fly.” And of course, I loved Tinkerbell: earrings, jewelry boxes, bags, clothes, art.

But why do I love Peter Pan? I love the idea of Neverland and never having to grow up. If only we can stay young and innocent forever, wouldn’t that be nice? As you get older you realize what a gift your childhood really was. Far too often we are in a hurry to grow up when we should really be holding on to our childhood as long as we can.

I also chose this fabric because of its beautiful colors! I love the periwinkle blues, peachy-pinks, teals and lavenders. Jill Haworth, the artist, did a fantastic job of recreating these classic characters. I sometimes get tired of seeing the images created by Disney (although, the character art from Peter Pan is great).

The finished quilt!
Probably the most impressive part: the back. I chose this print for the back because I love these little portraits. I took the time to measure my seams and pattern match the two pieces of fabric needed for the back. Pretty nicely done, if I don’t say so myself. Can you see the seam???
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