my family and me My husband and I met in high school. We foolishly fell in love with each other. 9 years later we got married. We have two amazing kids. 1
being a falcon I got my first teaching job at AHHS in 2005. I have taught just about every English class we offer. 2
Welcome to the library! Pleased to To meet you I hope to learn a lot about you. Here you can get to know me a little bit!
my side hustle I started my own photography business in 2009. I don't do many big events anymore, but I love capturing newborns and families. 3
My Very favorite things Books: I may collect more than I read. Quilts: Can you every really have too many? Haribo gummy frogs, Slurpees, soft pretzels, coffee ice cream, dill pickles, grilled cheese. 4
My Dream For my students I want you all to succeed. Success may not look the same for all of you, and that's okay. Just never be afraid to take the risk. 5